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Fizzy Blood Reveals New Title Track Single ‘Pink Magic’ & Video.

Big? Large? Enormous? Gigantic? Galactic? Yes times five. That is what we felt first listening to the new single ‘Pink Magic’. The combination of synth and hard rock (and glorious) riffs on the guitar made us wake up and take notice right then and there. The cobwebs in our heads just melted away, and we didn’t need coffee any longer.
New album ‘Pink Magic’ drops this year.

Okay, okay. Not totally dropping the habit of drinking coffee. But the fact that we even had the urge to stop the stimulant (for another kind of stimulant) was a momentous excuse.

Our point is that the song was fresh and refreshing, kickin’ and awesomely tune to what we were doing that day – mowing the lawn (not really. Just listening to lots of music, per usual).

Leed’s Fizzy Blood builds ‘Pink Magic’ from the forged experiences they’d gone through the years and affectionately crafts the hooks, and rock algorithms, our brain cells needed.

“’Pink magic’ is probably the easiest song we’ve ever written. It kind of just fell into our laps when together we were messing around with a korg, we got a bit of a trance-like groove going and just decided to see how far we could take that before it became boring We never found the answer, instead we got Pink Magic,” stated guitarist Paul Howells.

“The lead guitar part, which at the time I didn’t know was gonna become Pink Magic, came about when I was messing around with a musical phone in the call centre I worked in at the time. Each key was assigned a different pitch and pressing them in the order of a phone number pulled from the Hull phone book gives you the melody you hear in the intro.”

In the last quarter of 2017, Fizzy Blood released ‘Summer Of Luv’ to critical admiration from fans and reviewers.

From their earliest of singles and albums, the flavor of the band – obnoxiously ironic and humorous – never ceases to amaze and the translation of the thought and instances with each subject is presented perfectly in a nicely honed package of entertainment. And like any group in this sub-genre, we’d expect fantastic presence in a LIVE setting. And Fizzy Blood seems to deliver. This jacked up band consists of: Jake Greenway, Ciaran Scanlon, Benji Inkley, Tim Malkin, Paul Howells and there is a reason why they’d excelled to the fore, in this very competitive British DIY rock segment.

Additional tour dates to be announced.

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