Fjer Shares ‘On My Own’. “Utterly authentic, exuding the sultry expectations of emotions.”

Fjer is Maja Barløse’s take on her experiences and take-aways in life and expectations. Fluid with r&b/soul decadence, her return single ‘On My Own’ is a beautifully cultivated definition for the potentials that may lie for all of us, and certainly for Fjer.

The Danish artist explained: “André and I went to a music school together over 10 years ago. We recently talked about how many of the people we went to school with weren’t making music anymore and that we were still dreaming of being the ones who “made it”. This track was born out of that conversation and is very relevant for both of us to this day.”

After several years of musically as well as personally development, Fjer finally released her debut album, You Again, in the fall of 2018. The album was well received and nominated for ‘Best, Danish pop release of the year’ by Danish music magazine GAFFA just like the singles were played on national radio and UK’s Amazing Radio. The album consists of 12 songs written, played and produced by the artist herself (despite two songs produced by Copenhagen producer Lennart Rasmussen). The album includes features from the American singer Zoë Wick and San José rap-icon Lucy Camp.

‘On My Own’ is her fist follow-up release since last year’s self-produced debut album ‘You Again’.

Montage of love and relationship, collapse in a lather of premonitions and heart-ful dedication. The 90’s vibe in ‘On My Own’ is utterly authentic, exuding the sultry expectations of emotions.

Hurt, pains, happiness, joy – vilified personalities, tamped down by external mores, explode with demands in a rational bit to start again, and again.

Love demands much.

Fjer’s honesty delivers.



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