Flash Car ‘Two Minutes ‘Til Midnight’ : Arabesque insinuations, and tongue in cheek resurgence

Flash Car

Light and crisp. Airy and divulging. The lacquer shine of Flash Car’s single ‘Two Minutes ‘Til Midnight’ bursts out of gates, with that trademark wink and holler. A style of juxtapositions, melted in a vision of alt-pop baroque, the song delivers with animated energies as the band would design.

Flash Car is a psychedelic pop/rock adventure composed of Morgan Friedman and an array of collaborators. And in this collaboration of exuding emotions and pop-art stand uniqueness, the words and fray of song, cast rainbows of possibilities and affection.

Morgan’s vocals tinge with spite warmth, arabesque insinuations, and tongue in cheek resurgence of thought and value that you’ll get to love.

The 2 song EP ‘Inchworm​/​Two Minutes ‘Til Midnight’ is out now.

The participating musicians were: Morgan Friedman, Justin Ellis, Marc Allen, John Joseph and Noah Dehmer.

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✌🏼 🎂 RELEASE DAY BIRTHDAY! 🎂 ✌🏼 We have 2 brand new songs “Inchworm” and “Two Minutes ‘Til Midnight” up on our Bandcamp page now and forever! Let them be a part of you! Link in bio. This day is also significant cause it’s Morgan’s birthday! 🧁 (the one who writes these grams among other things). My only Bday wish is that you spend some time with these songs. I think they’re pretty good, and lots of hard loving work went into them by these amazing people, @ravarymusic , @darcalien , John Joseph, @noahdoomer , and Nick Petersen. It’s always an extra special feeling to share music with everyone, now more than ever. We’re gonna make it through this! Thank you! Artwork 🎨 by #evancrankshaw

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