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FLASKAS Shares ‘Afterglow’.

At first glance, they don’t seem like it. But the ‘earth-rock’ situation with FLASKAS’ is REAL. Follow the tone of their latest single ‘Afterglow’, and you can see the metaphorical ups and downs of the Oceanic waves, bulging and writhing, then calming your senses with some wha-wha action. The humor and sensibility in this single is very contrasty; and at the same time very ‘mystical’ in its bearing.

The above paragraph, is a description of a ‘circle’, really. A circle of life. A circle of attitude. A circle of behavior. For the good of man-kind. Or just the circle of your taste for sea-side toffee.

It’s all relative.

FLASKAS is built around infusing 60’s and blues influenced elements with the layer of strawberry jam of ‘live performance’ aesthetics. Nostalgia exists hard on this one.

There are some ‘rough edges’ with the recording, but heck, that’s just a technical aspect that can be adjusted. But the message is more important, in many ways to Sunday.



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