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Flavia Abadía // House Fire // strangers // Hippie Tribe // Noora

Flavia Abadía – Slow It Down

Following her hit ‘Trumpets (remix)’ with Kiki La Asesina, she brings new elements with kizomba, and middle-eastern/ indian washed vibes. “Life is too short not to live life how you want it,” as FLAVIA ABADIA states. Inspired by the notion of how women just want to go out and have a good time, ‘Slow It Down’ keeps it in high gear and vibrance.

House Fire – Wake Up (Sad)

George Stribling and vocalist Desiree McCann are the two that make HOUSE FIRE, burn. Pun? Intended. Why be so cheesy? Because we can. And also to bring the readers the fact that the indie-pop duo brings the goodness out of anyone’s day. Yes. There’s fire. But that’s because the two artist’s intentions in their pop offering of ‘Wake Up (Sad)’ traverses the pop and shoegaze realms with rainbow colored shimmer. In ease and energy, they are the perfect sundae for your blue days. Their latest EP ‘Hotel’ is out now.

strangers – Easy

Pop duo STRANGERS was formed by the production/writing team of Gino Lee & Lexi Riese. Their second single ‘Easy’ is a struggle in thew real world that women have to tackle. “‘Easy’ is about the confusion of being wanted by somebody you’re not into. “Do you take it as a compliment? Or are you disgusted by it?” Big question indeed. Unless they encroach on to your private space, even after saying ‘no’, then it’s not a compliment any longer is it? Dig this sultry vocal offering from the duo. Classic r&b/pop that quickly settles in your sensibilities.

Hippie Tribe – Moonshine

HIPPIE TRIBE consists of Niko “Blond.Bomber” Thorpe and De’Nard “DP ThuHippie” Pinckney. Heavily influenced from an array of artists like Sia & Toro y Moi, to Lauren Hill & Bob Marley, Frank Ocean & Lil Wayne, Hippie Tribe glides fluidly across various genres to create a sound all their own. You can feel the love and affection through the whimsical notes of ‘Moonshine’.

Noora – No Invitation

“Sometimes people are way too passive, if you see something you like, go get it,” said NOORA. “This song describes being in the club and fantasizing about a connection with somebody from afar; longing for interaction. The main idea behind ‘No Invitation’ is questioning the antagonists hesitation to approach me, ultimately declaring in the hook that they don’t need an invitation to do so.” Pop and r&b is dripping; and with NOORA taking the helms in disseminating her succulence, you sit there in awe. Clarity in voice. Clarity in heart. The artist beautifully expresses the only way she can.


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