FLAX ‘More Love’ : Framing topic. Takes it up another notch.


With the decadent vibe of the Beatles in ‘More Love’, FLAX takes it up another notch with this charming story telling single. FLAX will release his debut, 4-song EP on February 7. And with that, “offers an unflinching birds-eye view of modern-day life’s highs and lows, framing topics such as social media, addiction, mortality and identity through the prism of an award-winning TV journalist, documentary filmmaker, and now, singer-songwriter-guitarist.”

FLAX has a lot to say.

And we don’t blame him. With the world being as complex as ever, there needs to be a sane voice in this crowed forest, right? And why not FLAX? Exactly. With the lyrical work that has a true connection to his acceptance to this physical world, he progresses and addresses the things that make it a world worth defending. Even in its faults and pitfalls. Word.

The EP was produced by Zack Feinberg, lead guitarist for platinum band The Revivalists.


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