Fleece ‘Love Song For The Haters’ : We must live another chapter. We must… For life will leave you behind in wallowing self pity.


“Yea. I put your picture on the wall. But did you deserve it?”

“It’s for the people that made me feel shame for being myself,” said band leader Matt Rogers. “I don’t see them as bad people, but ultimately, this song helps me acknowledge that us being apart is better for both of us. I can only grow into the person I want to be without them. It’s about fully committing to yourself and knowing what you need to do to make that commitment.”

From the best traditions of 70’s vibes that bands like Bread exuded through the decades to new and old audiences, Fleece is the coming of fleeting feelz of love and forlorn invocations, that we can feel and touch and caress to our heart’s delight.

The beautifully construction indie fair, ‘Love Song For The Haters’ is a soaring bird of prey, thirty-thousand feet high, and looking for the anthem of love and strength. It’s you. It’s us. It’s about the deep seeded confidence to move on in the biggest way.

We must live another chapter. We must.

For life will leave you behind in wallowing self pity.

Let’s be happy again.

Montreal quartet Fleece


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