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FLEKS ‘HOTSHOT’ : Energies, surge through and then some.

Debut LP ‘Color TV’ on its way.


Rock n’ roll. Punk. There is something to the band named FLEKS. An enraged, smile of consoling vibes, all mange to dance in a heliocentrically warm and vibrance that is all becoming.

Made up of Martin Resatz, Max Leitgeb, and Fabian Edelbacher, the band, from right out of the gates, delivers a nice punch up through the bones of your jaw. ‘Hotshot’ is the single that is included in the upcoming debut LP ‘Color TV’ and it works like crazy.

An amalgamation of feeling and styles, mixing attitudes of Green Day and of Weezer, the danceable machinations of Flek’s energies, surge through and then some.

‘Hotshot’ is just a dang fun song.



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