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Flight Facilities Share ‘Need You ft. NÏKA’. We just can’t help it.

It was the year 2011, things weren’t going too great in the police work in Afghanistan and Iraq, Bin Laden was killed, and Steve Jobs died. And we could not dance. But we had experienced Flight Facilities hit ‘Foreign Language feat. Jess’. Now, here we are in 2018, and Flight Facilities released ‘Need You ft. Nika’.

The song is starts when the bass drops in and says hi. Sits down, takes our hand, twirls us on the living room floor, and blows us an air kiss.


And Nika’s vocals is as sweet as it can be in this production. And the memories just flooded into our cerebral cortex, which we rarely use.

But this time we did. Actually our dormant rhythms sparked, popped, skipped a beat.

Can’t help it.

Just like the time in 20-Eleven.

FYI. We’ve been very saccharine pop on this blurb. You can forgive us, right? Right!

They’re rep’ed by Future Classic.

Buy [HERE]



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