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Flint Eastwood Shares ‘Real Love’.

FLINT EASTWOOD is this fabulous pop artist Jax Anderson. Working out of Michigan, she’d dropped this single ‘Real Love’, which we feel is a bit of a throwback to the 90’s pop era in small elements. And that’s all it takes. It’s that little droplet of uniqueness that keeps the fire alive. ‘Real Love’ is fabulously produced, and is a tightly produced bag of delight.

‘Church’ and ‘religion’ hits home for Anderson on many fronts. The exclusionary doctrines against the LGBTQ community has been haunting her steps to adulthood.

And through her experiences in her formative years, her passions have been funneled into the music world. On her twitter account, she mentions that she is ‘kept sane’ by the making and sharing of her music.

“‘Real Love’ is a celebration of Anderson finding all the things that the Christian Church told her she would never find because of who she is: a gay identifying female.”

The real you, is revealed when ‘struggles are accepted’.

Then self healing begins.

Where your will and determination becomes forged in steel.

You wake from the slumber, of self-guilt, of self-doubt, of self-blame.

The true doors of life, opens.

Anderson is fabulous, and you (yes, you) should give her a listen. Her other singles are fabulous, as her live performance have impressed many, like lightning.

Kudos, Jaz. Kudos.



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