Flo Petite Drops New EP ‘Soft Wrinkled Feelings’.

Flo Petite dropped her latest EP ‘Soft Wrinkled Feelings’ and we think it’s a delicious essay in personal wishes of decadence – however, unattainable. Lust, love, lust, sex, attraction, detraction – human emotions and imaginations that linger and many times, dominate our lives. Flo’s opinions are salient and fabulous.

New EP available now.

Yes. Her real name is Flo Petite. When we found that out, we liked her even more. It’s just an accident she’s an artist with that name, but it’s right to say, because her expressions on her guitar and songs deserve that kind of affection.

“Right now through my songs I’m trying to create a look through my own personal lens as a woman. What my bedroom might feel like, life pressures, the struggles with friends, how people just throw their opinion at you unwarranted, just trying to live, etc.” – stated Flo.

Her material, we feel, is certainly under-viewed. She’s immensely talented. Her songs are deep in emotions (even if it is presented in a light fashion), and her thoughts to each arrangement is something new fans (like us) could grab ahold to.

Anywho, we’re hoping she’ll continue and make music just like the new EP selections.

She’s pumps out the good stuff from Hagerstown, Maryland.

Buy [HERE]


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