Floral Couches ‘Tender (feat. Joey Pep)’ : You needed that. We need that.

Floral Couches

“When we wrote this super cheesy jam I really wanted to lean into just how soft my edges have gotten over the years. I decided to sing about what it’s like being the worlds most #1 tenderest boy, me. One of the verses I wrote was too goofy so we decided to dive into that by tossing it at the end and dropping the speed of the record to make it sound ridiculous. We laughed at the end of each take and decided to just keep them in the final mix.”

Floral Couches is the sexy solo moniker of Chicago musician and songwriter Cody Gray. The lofi, soft-rock pop impingements of thoughts drizzle down from the ice-cream cone of delectability. And it oozes in ‘Tender’.

With Joey Pep’s vocals cheerfully panning on a slice of feelings, the single is effervescent in its delightful charm. With r&b/soul as the frame, Cody’s eclectic renaissance of taste, fly over the state of grace with beauty and a tongue-in-cheek wink at the twists of existence. Not too harsh and never excessive, ‘Tender’ fills your begotten chaos and let’s you chill for a moment.

You needed that.

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Every year flies by a bit quicker and even though I didn’t hit some of my stretch goals this year, I’m celebrating hard today for all that I managed to do 🤪 -Released a single with @partyjackett -Played two incredible shows -Released EP glitter -Went on my first road trip -Danced on a mountain -Planned my 2020 wedding -40,000+ Spotify streams -Partied at Electric Forest -Started climbing -Started making my own yogurt -Camped 6 weekends -Got our doggie trained even better -Built 16 picture frames -Built a bar and bench for our balcony -Fostered our first dog and kittens -80 hours of ear training -100 hours of music theory study -Moved in my grandma’s piano -Wrote a banger with @joeylucentewi Starting off the year setting goals is such a great way to ensure you’re working towards the life you want 🌸I got down on myself a lot for not accomplishing everything I set out to do but when I write it all out I couldn’t be more proud of myself 🥰 see you babes next decade 🌸

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