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Floral Print – sweepstakes life

Bring it on. Take me on. Hit me on the face. Floral Print’s Sweepstakes Life makes one ponder. Pounding, striking, slapping, satisfaction – turning turnstile, bruising song makes us, ultimately, dream large.

Yep. We said ‘large’.

The song makes one bob his/her head ‘hard’, and may cause some distress in the neck bone. But it’s worth keeping with the task at hand, for the instrumentals – and oh, that hi-hat work – drives that home.

Wonder what the gang in the band were wrangling about?

We can imagine the sincerity in the augmented disagreements, between the song contrasts, and maybe, just maybe, regarding some partner in life.

Not a big stretch, right?

The ‘rudeness’ and the ‘inconsiderate’ falcon like talons, are evident in the lyrics. Multiplied by the negating and contrasting instrumentals, just releases that stress point, just enough to ‘bear’ the cost of love.

Or at least the ‘illusion’ of what love was to be; could be; should be.

Delicate flowers bloom in each other’s chests. Only to be harangued and dismembered by the sharp katana, of doubts and loss.

Was it really in the palm of your hands? Was it real?

Can that feeling be attained again?

Let’s wonder.

The band is rep’ed by awesome southern label, Tiny Engines. They’re in North & South Carolina.



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