FLØRE ‘sugarcane’ : Look for her debut EP coming this Autumn.


Singer-Songwriter FLØRE releases a standalone acoustic track for stay-home spring time, revealing her light and glimmering voice for those who can’t wait for her upcoming singles in summer.

“Sometimes the most beautiful things make you loneliest,” said FLØRE. “I’ve never felt part of something in my life and I wished too many times I was one of those summer girls. Those who are always smiling – light, easy and close to the sun. But I’m just not like that. Creating myself and writing songs gives me a place in this weird universe. They make me feel truly beautiful, special and alive. But also lonely. ‘Sugarcane’ is the feeling of never being enough and at the same time being too much.”

We’d stated: “The rhythms of FLØRE, are the sites of redemption, portrayed within the folds of her lyrical and sentimental tidings… The premise in dynamic virtuosity, beams with the utter subtlety of her innuendos and the sharpness of her vocal inflections.”

True to that.

Look for her debut EP coming this Autumn.


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