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Florence Rose // Lemon And Rye // The Wavy Kid // Ella Henderson // Sly Motive

Florence Rose – Same Friends

Florence Rose is an indie rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The pop operatic guitar rock band makes it a primary point to balance the sugar with the indie-rock sensibilities. The dance inducing rapture comes from the simple and bopping honesty that is along for the ride. The assumptions are radically attended in the folds of the single ‘Same Friends’, lying on the grassy knoll, looking at the leaf shaded sun. See them next @ The Vanguard Tulsa, November 18th.

Lemon And Rye – There I Go Loving You

“Wrote this song originally to be pitched to other country acts but we liked it so much that we decided to put it out ourselves. We didn’t have an artist project together so we came up with the name Lemon and Rye and released it! Who knows what’s next. We’ll probably release more.” The single ‘There I Go Loving You’ is pop folk with the electric guitar that is shoegazey in its presentation for some even more texture. The loving vocals meld fabulously with this classic sounding single from LEMON AND RYE, and it’s charming to listen and maybe slow dance to with the one you love. Nice idea ain’t it? LEMON AND RYE is a project of brother/sister, Rozes and Patrick.

The Wavy Kid – Winning

This is a song that was released a long time ago. But it surely has retained the freshness that is very becoming. Born in El Salvador and raised in New York, THE WAVY KID is a 20 year old rapper whose blend of relatable lyrics and melodic delivery. How relatable? Well, this song is a good example of sampling and construction that gets the job done to keep things forward and increasingly attainable for the audience.

Ella Henderson – Glorious

“Writing ‘Glorious’ was a mind cleansing moment for me, it represents the first time I truly began to start celebrating everything I used to live in fear of. Learning to accept and love yourself for who you are can be difficult in this day and age. ‘Glorious’ stands for everything we should feel about ourselves – empowered and proud.” Multi-platinum-selling BRIT Award nominee, Ella Henderson drops a song of celebration and artistic observation for what makes us beings, special in our ways. ‘Glorious’ is the title track from the upcoming November 8th expected new EP from the artist. It’s been 4 years of hiatus and the world is waiting for more of Ella. Expect nothing less than ‘glorious’ things from Ella and her enthralling vocals.

Sly Motive – The Little Things

Like SLY MOTIVE says: “Lets dance! Lets have some fun!” And that is exactly what ‘The Little Things’ is all about. Nothing is in the way of having fun, and maybe, we all should take to into serious consideration, as we tackle the challenges of our lives day-to-day. The world is better when we smile and laugh, and enjoy the days together in harmony. We all should try to do so. We know we’re short of that perfection in ‘living’, but we can all try right? SLY MOTIVE’s single is one of those joyful attention to your surroundings, that can be added for extra flavor. A little bit of this and a lot of ‘The Little Things’ makes the everyday a bit more special.


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