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Florist – Blue Mountain Road

Florist’s Blue Mountain Road is about trials and tribulations, coming to fruition by way of molding and sadness. On the road to redemption, and self recognition, it comes apparent – be strong.. it’s ok to be weak sometimes. But make sure you return.

Emily Sprague is that haunting vocals you hear. And it’s that ‘honesty’ in her voice that her fans love.

And which we love.

The closest and personal subject has been about her mother’s recent passing. And to her credit, she’d written and sings about it.

And that’s where it becomes concrete. She headed towards those mixed feelings, about death, atonement, and just outright, sadness – straight between the eyes.

The band’s fans recognize it certainly; and adore her song writing, for just that reason.

Emily and the band members come from the Catskill Mountains of south-east New York State, but makes Brooklyn their HQ. And we all should be happy that Emily and the band is making great music, poignant and heartfelt.

We all love that, don’t we?

If Blue Could Be Happiness dropped in September this year, via Double Double Whammy, and it’s going strong and beats you up with melancholy and joy.

As it will for a long while, it’s a fab album.

We dig it lots.

Emily’s cute (hope she doesn’t mind us calling her that), talented, and the band is just excellent.

A win-win for all.

Kudos, gang at Florist. Kudos.


Just for the sake of it, here’ the band at NPR’s Tiny Desk in 2016:


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