Flõstate ‘Time’ : Inconspicuous in all of its beauty. Vocally driven elasticity. Chain reaction in revelry.

Flostate / Visual Artist: Jordan Soderberg Mills / Videographer: Ali Khurshid / Stylist: Magdalene Kan

New duo Flõstate release debut single ‘Time’. And with it a sedated downtempo r&b incantation trickles like babbling brook, curtailing your selfish wants of life; reflecting and surmising for the next horizon to come. Comprised of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Avery Florence and producer MKSTN, Flõstate embody a spell-casting, fantasy sound which serves to represent the space in between moments.

Said Avery: “This song is called Time, but it evokes the feeling of being in a timeless state. All that exists is the connection between people. I see the themes of this song as an introduction to what Flostate means.”

“Time was a very interesting process for me because it was one of our first songs we wrote together,” added MKSTN. “The main idea was created in a very short period of time. Almost instantaneous.. I wanted it to feel like an unpredictable journey from hopeful and melancholy, to eerie, dark, and mysterious.”

Inconspicuous in all of its beauty, the vocally driven elasticity of the single, grips with a chain reaction in revelry and circumstance.

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“Time” Out Now. Link in bio.

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we could be here

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