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FLTY BRGR GRL is a duo based in Oslo, Norway. And they make ‘cute and creepy songs’. Said the duo: “The music is lo-fi and sugary, inspired by 60s vibes, lovey dovey feelings and burgers..” Beatrix and Sarah met on a summer camp where they bonded over stories about unrequited love. Nothing inspires them more than being in love, breakups and heartache. “I love the awkwardness and how stalker-ish one might get when crushing really hard on someone. We didn’t plan it, but somehow our songs always end up being about these borderline emotions”, said Beatrix. Quirky, irksome at times, but all that and a bucket of popcorn – they make music that sticks to your ribs.

Karima Francis – Shelf Life

“I wanted to try and explore new ideas and context when it comes to writing,” stated Karima Francis. “I think tone helps with writing also, if you have a beautiful guitar sound that makes you feel a certain way, this can open up new realms in your creativity and expression”. Karima Francis is a critically acclaimed musician and songwriter hailing from the illuminated seaside resort of Blackpool. “I was very influenced by the West coast indie folk singer songwriter revival that’s happening out in LA right now, when I heard the Phoebe Bridgers record I was blown away by the production and musicality from the players and wanted to find them for my music so I sold up and went out to start making new music relations in LA”. Starting her musical journey when she was 13, the long and complex life of her body of work, is dynamic, brooding, classic, and timeless. Connection to the absolute of her songs, is quick, instant, and deliciously life-like. A lyrical trek that harnesses the power of experiences, subsides with calm angst and understanding.

Jakk Fynn – Fire

“The video for ‘Fire’ is a statement on how society rigidly imposes gender constructs and sexual identities, but the agnostic symbols keep it extendable to other experiences and narratives… In this world an unknown force arbitrarily assigns identities in an assembly line, which mirrors the myriad of external forces that influence us. The world is better off when we promote individuality versus persecuting each other for our differences, but the road is long when effectuating change from within a system. That said, much like the inhabitants in “Fire”, we can all employ daily acts of rebellion to advocate for ourselves and each other to help shape a better tomorrow.”

Spencer Street – Dancing Noises

“This is a punk rock song about playing in a cover band. It is fast paced and catchy, with lyrics that will particularly resonate with working musicians.” Spencer Street’s single is up on your face, even if you like it or not. There’s no hiding from the truth of the song – 80’s and rockin’ – Spencer Street (Spencer Leech) makes living, fun again. Yea. If you think that Spencer’s on a mission, you could be right. Listen to that keyboard solo. Each note, with conviction for what he believes in, comes through with vibrance. With a Brit-punk vibe, decorated with the hues of humor from Spencer, there’s no way you’d stay on that couch, schmoozing with the strangers at the party. Spencer wants you to dance like the musical geek you are. Nothing can stop you. He sure won’t. Dance, damn it! Dance!

JW Francis – Is That the One

JWF charms with his guitar work, then knocks you out with his sumptuously lyric-ed voucher for what he sees out in this world. He continues with his single ‘Is That The One’. We’d stated: “JW loves life. Well, at least that’s what we take out of his music. How can you be so cynically positive about life’s lyrics, without really being such a case? The perfectness of his bedroom-pop style is the sultry uplift that anyone can appreciate. With jangly-style casts of shade spread throughout..” Born in Tulsa Oklahoma, raised in Paris, France, and now based in New York City, JW Francis brings a warm, affable vibe to frigid New York. After putting in his time supporting other artists—running a music magazine, Rare Candy, and a recording studio, CU Records—Francis set off to make art of his own, imprinted with a genuine love for others.


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