Flugel ‘Pull Some Strings’ : Happiness and joy shimmer in the light of your life.


Instant acceleration. No hesitation. The rousing guitar driven pop flair of title track ‘Pull Some Strings’ mark your day, with joy and revelry. A layering of smooth and the textured, Flugel’s play douses your senses in modern nostalgia.

Flugel can be considered a band of random occurrences. Following two inspiring trips to West Africa, frontman Tommy Moore was inspired to transport the rhythms he learned into the pop world. Shortly after his move to Chicago, drummer Kyle Therriault met Tommy by happenstance through a comment thread on Reddit.

To finalize the impromptu creation of the group, Tommy discovered that childhood bandmate, Michael Grathwohl, had unexpectedly relocated from North Carolina to Chicago, complementing the band’s fervor.

Hands up propulsion, delivered in the playful wisps of the vocals, happiness and joy shimmer in the light of your life. No matter how gray your circumstances might be.

Their full length album ‘Pull Some Strings’ drops soon.


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