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The Fluids – Sign n Drive

The Fluids’ Sign N Drive made it’s way to our desk, and dog-gone-it, they keep on rollin’ with the good stuff! Sorry, what we mean by that is that Sign N Drive is like one of the 7 courses in a fine dining experience (but with David Byrnes shoulder pad suit).

This retro-kick-ass debut LP is about to drop on October 27. Thump!

Sign N Drive is a juggernaut ‘prank’. It’s an Apple iPhone slide-show. It’s the app that will turn on that faucet, to better and greater things – maybe.

It is the song that one hears when in the depths of seedy Los Angeles- all at 3AM. The tip jar is open for business, but the jar only has the band’s own dollars showing. Then the song makes you tip $100 bills.

Hey, they are good..really, really good.

One can see that the band is there for the love, the passion, the dedication, and to stick around entertaining the 2 or 5 patrons in that hole-in-the-wall club. That’s why they do it. That’s why the patrons love the band.

Fast forward: now, hundreds and hundreds of fans seek them out. But the formula is the same: love of the game, love of the fun and the titillating/frolicking tones, the songs radiate.

It shows.

Anywho, these boys know their stuff; they are weather tested and battle hardened. And one can see the love is worn on their twenty dollar long sleeve button up shirts.

“Do it for the gipper!”, “Tear down this wall”, “She’s a maniac, maniac, on the floor!” Yada, yada.

It’s for those patrons, those fans, the lovers of music that keeps them motivated.

And we are all better for knowing Mike, Nick, and Cooper.

Let’s get motivated. Lets support The Fluids.

Kudos guys, kudos.

They are rep’ed by Axis Mundi Records, and we at CHF can’t wait for the whole LP. We already listen to it and the other songs are even more kick-ass.

The Fluids:

Axis Mundi Records:


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