fluoxcity ‘Positrons’ : Zest is where this song shines. It puckers your inhibitions and let’s you fly.


Put on your headphones, turn up the volume and walk through the streets of your hometown. Discover the inconsistency of modern human life and enjoy to be alive in the middle of this beautiful everything surrounding chaos that we call existence.

Playful big beat drums, deep synth basses and furious rap vocals move your body forward through this mess. But don’t worry! You can charge your fucking e-scooter with this song.

Fluoxcity are a four piece electronic band from Germany. A group of friends who met in the experimental sub culture playing various improvised shows together. It all started with the desire to create meaningful pop music. And boy did they get it right in this project.

From floating poetry and spoken word, and to the rockin’ indie hardness – the band explodes with vibrance and urges that strange feeling that just grabs your attention. Deep and meaningful ambience of r&b and jazzy styles, drench at the edge of the band’s offerings, accommodating with delight and intervention for huge returns.

What an experience Mogli, Rasmus, Joel and Leon are able to offer us all.


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