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Fly By Midnight // Flevans // CUTTS // Conrad The Third // EMBRZ

Fly By Midnight – Heart

The beats in his body never felt so real to him, until that moment in time when he saw her. The beats of his heart, and his mind turned into mush. The connection with her was apparent and never felt devastatingly humbling. His normal characteristic of handling love, was done at arm’s length. But not then, not anymore. She had him exactly where she wanted him. NY based FLY BY MIDNIGHT memorializes tunes of seemingly minuscule importance, with magnificent effect in the life of a soul. The momentum for the band, continues after their LP ‘Rerunning’.

Flevans – It Just Goes (feat. Sarah Scott)

In FLEVANS’ single ‘It Just Goes’ feature Bristol UK singer Sarah Scott, slaps the bejesus out of your the prolonged stagnation and procrastination that set you on the road of nowhere. After the soaring vocals of Sarah, framed in the fun loving guitar and drum work of the Flevans, you’re energized and ready to tackle the world. And to be honest, that’s exactly what we need in this world sometimes. A good spanking call to arms. Invigorating, no? Feel the funk. Feel it.

CUTTS – The Way Out

CUTTS is a talented duo fro Washington DC. Members Lillian Cutts and Peter Bonaventure make emotions run deep with witting takes on palpable streams in rollercoaster themed swoons. The relativity of hate, love, confusion, wrap around the sultry vocals of Lillian, draping every cell of your body into climax of thought and reverence. The infectious notes from the duo saturates, with vigor and mindful understated extravagance. ‘The Way Out’ and its visual support, continues that trend of excellence.

Conrad The Third – Don’t

Controlled by the whims of love and the winds, the wisps of say-nothings became our calling card. You and I never had it so good. But it all had to end, somehow, didn’t it? All those nights of making love, caressing and finding heaven within each other’s folds of extremities and affection, never told the ultimate truth about where we were headed. Was it inevitable? We’ll never know, will we? CONRAD THE THIRD, in the best tradition of classic Babyface-like entrapments of r&b’s methods of sonic conquest, he delves deep into a subject of ambivalence and lust, understated into heightened rapture. ‘Don’t’ culminates with decadent ease of delivery and jazzy reluctance for the inevitable. Toronto native Conrad The Third does it right. Perfection.

EMBRZ – She Won’t Let Me Down ft Leo Stannard

Producer EMBRZ (Jack Casey) and singer-songwriter Leo Stannard presents ‘She Won’t Let Me Down’. “We actually wrote this at the start of the year, so it’s a long time in the making…We wrote the song from the point of view of a person who is in denial about a relationship – when love isn’t reciprocal, and choosing to ignore the facts…Leo also has the kind of voice that also makes the song believable – I really enjoyed writing with him.” EMBRZ is a triumph of digital shades, dazzling the stars of the mind, invoking the masses to revolt against the norm. So, break away from the chains that bind you. You must.


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