Fly Felix ‘Overdose’ : Gorgeous to witness.

Fly Felix

From Fly Felix’s debut album, ‘The Sun Will Wake You Up’, the single ‘Overdose’ is the song which “alludes to the intoxication of a new love, and the uncontrollable fate that ensues.” The Sun brings us hope, and a chance to move on. Overdose is the next chapter in this story. The entire collection unfolds chronologically.

Drew Tyler is Fly Felix, and in ‘Overdose’, the flexible glow is gorgeous to witness.

From intro to the piano injections; and from the majestic vocals to the lyrical mysteries, a vibe of exquisite sexiness drip from the format. At times bringing the glazing beauty of a Chris Isaak, the aromatic fervor – of love and devotion – cling with utter contempt to reason and calculation.

Love is what it is. And if you die from it intoxication, it could have been all worth waiting for.

Delight in the album from Fly Felix as well. From synth heavy, new-wave vibes to indie-rock MUSE-like tinges, the album settles into a focus of emotional bondings and tragedies.

‘Overdose’ was written and produced by Drew and Eric McDermott.


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