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FM-84 Shares ‘Bend & Break’. “Oh yea. Your chance to redeem and dance away.”

FM-84’s single ‘Running In The Night’ was a theme-song for that year for us at CHF. It lit our level of self-awareness, as it heaved us into never-land of neon 80’s pop posters, and maybe a chance at that golden blond at Manhattan Beach in our dreams.

There was a reason FM-84 hit a massive chord with their audience. And no-one seemed to be immune from the nostalgia driven, synth/retro-wave phenomenon that represented the project.

Now returning in 2019, the single ‘Bend & Break’, and as expected the oozing of emotions and heart is deep and palpable.

After sold out shows and impressing with their song writing excellence throughout the world, Col Bennett and Ollie Wride, gets the engines revving again. The long-awaited single is a soaring burner, where the beauty explodes from the guitar solo, framed delicately by Ollie’s smoldering vocals.

And as the synth keys, drape around our senses, we close our eyes, in memory and smiles.

It’s a beaut.

The angst of the 80’s coming of age plots, are deeply embedded in FM-84’s works.

And it’s something that will stand the test of time.



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