fogust ‘before’ : Dignified consumptions of self expediency and expectation.


“‘Before’ is a song about renewal,” said fogust. “I began writing it before the pandemic shutdown, but it’s direction was changed and inspired by getting a new perspective on my life and my priorities. This works romantically or even globally, it feels like that’s something going around in the air these days. There were a lot of things I’ve taken for granted and I don’t want to lose sight of what’s important.”

“Even though the world is heading into a tumultuous time I’m actually feeling optimistic about how people are evolving, even if we still have massive obstacles yet to overcome. It’s also a hopeful song that we can change before it’s too late.”

Tremendous efforts are bespoke when in the light of challenges. Love, hate and the forged emotional mores: dignified consumptions of self expediency and expectation.

A rousing understatement of analysis, is where ‘before’ conjures, bonds and fragments – for living.

Confusion seems like the enlightenment of these current days. But light at the end of the tunnel?



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