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Follies & Vices Share ‘Don’t Hold Back’. “Their future. Their music. They’re game.”

FOLLIES AND VICES is creativity as creativity can muster. And that muster is not Gray-Poupon, but that bright yellow fun-ness that comes out of a bright yellow squeeze-able tube that squirts for all to admire, taste, and absorb. The tang of the atmosphere is alive like the hills.

In this case of the single ‘Don’t Hold Back’, is the tale of two dudes (from Seattle Washington) who wanted to makes a splash of their own in Los Angeles and making sure that the world (or of their own) could not stop them. A kind of a ‘Super-Hero’ type of attitude and story, constructed of and hinged on pure gumption by the duo, and a colorfully manic abhorrence for the ordinary.

Also, it’s a ‘love story’ of sorts. Where the love of music garnered such passions that it set ablaze to the drying plains of their hearts that they needed to go where the action was. The burning desire, whether through horrible conditions and expected sacrifices, couldn’t hold any gripes towards the overarching vision for the future.

Their future.

With twinkles in their eyes, they fashioned up a plan and drove into that light, at the end of that wanting and alluring, tunnel. At the end of it all, only a promise of a journey – a continuing journey of probable and temporary destitution, under-representation, and nights of living in the van, awaited their energies.

But they were game.

Consisting of long time friends Rob Auerbach and Tanner Houghton, they had a dream. And in this single, the charming and anthemic tale is exquisitely told through the eye-glasses of their memories. And those fond memories past, they reflect on what has happened, to help them set the bricks towards their vision in art.

The single is fabulously done with altruistic ambivalence tact at the frames, with ample production towards an off-Broadway theater-like musical fun. The indie-dream-pop transitions with ease as the verses bleed seamlessly into the glorious chorus and the story telling.

The multi talented crew of creatives offers up a glimpse into a certain band’s psyche, trips, mistakes, horrors, and regrets in this song. But all of it, in Rob and Tanner’s view, added to the accent and spice to where they have come to, as a duo and as individuals. The song is a gem, as the Chumbawumba-like ‘lassiz-fair’ vibe for the fullness that which is life, it glows with flare and honesty to the n’th degree.

Even better, the sit-com quality and excellence of the highly entertaining and poignant music video (directed by Jeremy Gray) the scene of that trip down the west coast comes to life with equal vigor and vitality.

From the song and to the music video, it all culminates at a beautiful juncture where it brings a giant smile to our faces.

Dig F&V and you’ll feel good.



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