Fonzarelii x Ronan Harding ‘Reflections’ : Inspires in the small and of the biggest yearnings of your heart.


Grounded in the future, yet rooted in the past. Fonzarelii has been working with Toronto native Ronan Harding, to produce neon-pop styling with the intention of transporting you to sun drenched Miami coastlines and in the driving seat of luxury in a drop top 84’ corvette.

Heavily inspired by Fleetwood Mac, War On Drugs, Tame Impala & The Weeknd. This fresh take on the ‘synth pop’ genre is refreshingly grounded, yet still satisfyingly warm and analogue like.

Reflections is off of Fonzarelii’s upcoming debut EP.

Gorgeous underpinnings, with dazzling vocal chemistry, the single inspires in the small and of the biggest yearnings of your heart.

Let’s dream.

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Thank you to everyone who has supported Reflections so far. I’m really taken back by the love the single has been getting. It’s honestly made these past 10 years making music and treading water worth while. There’s been some amazing people who have helped me get this track out there and for helping support me, I want to show them some love back. Here’s an edit @tobyygfilms made for the single. He’s incredibly talented and has some awesome edits and music on his page. If you can please give home a follow #vaporwave #outrun #retrowave #dreamwave #synthpop #vibes #80s #nostalgia #aesthetic #80saesthetic #synthwave #retro #retrowave #80sdesign #miami #vaporwaveaesthetic #lofi #chillwave⁠ #vaporwave #vaporwaveart #synthwaveart #dreampop

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