Foreign Television ‘Yeah Yeah’ : But is that worth it? Is it worth it to you?

Foreign Television

Floating through a mass of un-related vibes, you’re lost – seemingly. Doing your best to open your ‘eyes’ to the world, you travel through the hustle and bustle of the everyday. The effort to make it an extraordinary day, covers the wonders of the normal, banal, the small things in life.

Foreign Television is the project of Wales, UK originating artist, Francis Allen.

Said Francis: “‘Yeah Yeah’ is a song about trying to find some kind of peace, and getting away from the things that hinder you. The song came about after I’d bought a new guitar and was playing around, seemingly aimlessly.”

Round about, we’re all doing our best. To survive in a jungle that is dog-eat-dog. A petulant vision of society, that teaches us to use our most urgent and animalistic urges of our passions to get by.

But is that worth it? Is it worth it to you?


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