Foreign Twin ‘Rising Fall’ : Journal taken with a positivity towards the future, hoping in earnest.

Foreign Twin

Solo project of Cliff Yang is Foreign Twin. And with ‘Rising Fall’ a nostalgic guitar driven indie-alt fair blossoms from the complex rhythms and lyrics.

“Who were you.
Where did you come from.
Who are you.
What will you become..”

Like a sophisticated arrangement from the late 90’s grunge era, this beautifully laid out power ballad by Foreign Twin revolutionizes within its ever evolving shell.

“This song is a letter to my younger self when I was just starting college,” said Cliff. “I was nervous for what lay ahead, and my present self is telling him to be excited for a fresh start. I wrote the main riff and chorus during my freshman year, and wrote the lyrics in my junior year.”

“I wanted to use polyphony to convey my past and present selves in the context of an alternative rock song by using two separate melodies in the first two choruses, and finally playing both simultaneously in the last chorus.”

A conjurer of novel anticipations, the solo project injects ambitions that we’d all should subscribe. A dangerous road into self truths and reliance, ‘Rising Fall’ is a journal taken with a positivity towards the future, hoping in earnest.

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Debut album drops in two weeks on March 20th!

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Foreign Twin


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