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Forever X2 – Forever Times Two

Vocalist Peter Verdell is FOREVER X2. From the things that he does, from music to how he tells of his day-to-day, we feel the artist is as romantic as can be. And in ‘Forever Times Two’, a kind of proof has been dealt to us to explore. Peter said of the track: “I read the book ’11.22.63’ by Stephen King and fell hard in love with the main characters, Jake and Sadie. I cried throughout reading the last chapter—it was too good! So I wrote this song for them…2 imaginary characters that I’d fallen in love with over the course of 2 months.” How can you deny such passion for craft (in any genre) when someone of talent gets engrossed so much that he deals so deeply with his feelings like he has with the 2 characters. Maybe that’s why Peter constructs such delight for his songs, as they always portray from many points of view, but ultimately ending up at the place where we humans always want to be. That place of unconditional love, passion, and opportunities to feel alive.

Tale – Ask For More

Off of their first debut 10 song self-titled full-album, the classic-psyche rock and prog-rock band from France, keeps the heavens to a reachable height, as the haze of the clouds – oh those decadent clouds – pierce your notions of the norm, while revealing a new realm. Twin brothers Antoine & Alexandre Naman and tabla master Mosin Khan Kawa is a jam session of epic proportions, that clinches at the sensibilities of the uninitiated, but touches, none-the-less. The album was recorded at a live session. Doesn’t sound like a live session recording does it. It’s expertly mixed, and expertly played. So, if you wanted something different, TALE is the place to hear and possibly love an old and new kind of music that resonates through every decade. Their album is available now.

Goodbye Mansfield – Summer Girl

Detroit area based band GOODBYE MANSFIELD is a band that combines hype lyrical effervescence and makes it melancholic at the same time. The upbeat single ‘Summer Girl’ is a demonstration of contrasts that casts a gray shroud on the subject of the song, but never relenting the notion that life is what life is. You must roll with the punches, get the girl. Roll with the bad luck and get the girl. Your ice-cream girl fall off your cone, but still get the girl. Positivity is what it’s all about, even in the dire depths of negativity. No? Is if just us? Maybe. What we all can agree on is that ‘Summer Girl’ is a fab 80’s vibe pop tune that wants a girl like Courtney Cox to come up on the stage with Bruce Springsteen for a music video. Don’t we all?? GOODBYE MANSFIELD is the project of brothers Rob and Dan Hayes, and the name represents their break away from the past and sewing new adventures of their own.

Ethan Kerr – Pink Eye

Nineteen year old singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist ETHAN KERR is part of a crop of artists who are young, refreshing, innovative, and loose in their interpretation of what music is to them. Off of his debut EP ‘True Crime’ (available now), the deference for the weak and wonton hearted, seeps through the guitar lick of this decadent and sultry delivery for the longing heart. Ethan loves life and he proposes much angst that ultimately ends up in the warm hug of love and prosperity – no matter how small a sliver of such love exists. The appreciation of the banal, tangled in the weave of such complex and human frailty, are pot-marked with inquisitive and oddly enigmatic visions for his future. ‘Pink Eye’ is no different, and as his artistic trepidations, covered in tea-leaves, embark on this amazing journey among his senses, the world becomes his oyster.

Traveller – The One

Idealistic, but pragmatic with his music, London based artist TRAVELLER comes with the single ‘The One’ and with it he has a lot to say about his place in the world. Ideal in that the folk-rock artist brings the perennial positivity and twist to his music, as he’s evolved into the man he’s become. And within that realm of idealism, his affection for the world has edged closer to a more pragmatic manifestation, deliberating on what he’s experienced and how to go from here into the future. This kind of thread seems to be inherent in this single, while depicting the love of a lifetime of which he cannot fully encapsulate within the primitive sets of tones called ‘language’. So, TRAVELLER uses tones and colors of music to put those tools of philosophy into one vessel, joining hand in hand with his audience, bringing a better way to tackle the world, together as one. The melodic song of ‘loss and redemption’ is us, it’s TRAVELLER, it’s you.


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