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Former Faces // Knox White // Fake & The Soul Aesthetic // memory theater // Windy Isle

Former Faces – Evergreen

“‘Evergreen’ is the culmination of a creation forged by time, dedication and perseverance. As the Open The Gates EP concludes, the beast and his cohorts find true content in their genesis, despite an uncertain future… it closes a memorable chapter of achievement and invention manifested by an unlikely pack of dreamers. It urges them to continue fantasizing, collectively and individually.” Former Faces is a groove-indie rock quartet based in the music hotbed of Silver Lake. The band consists of Ryan Parmenter, David Lee, Brian Blake, and Abraham Kim. Their take on bubbling personas of musical inhibitions, invite and enthrall with decadent synth and lyrical attentions.

Knox White – Can’t Trust You At All

KNOX WHITE explained: “Dating in Los Angeles (or in general) can be very frustrating. You never know who to trust and this song is the summer anthem for anyone who has experienced that struggle.” Word. And for many of the public, dating can be complicated anywhere you go. And why? Because we’re human beings. We’re fickle. We want something that can fill that part of the heart that is a bit empty. It’s natural. But it’s always ‘work’. Some are more attuned to dating, day in and out. Some aren’t. But ain’t it the truth that it’s just a degree of difficulty. Knox tells that story of such interests with beguiling talent and sense of empathy. Dig this single. Knox is a gem. Pop and indie-rock, combine thoughtfully within his songwriting soul. Watch out.

Fake & The Soul Aesthetic – Tylre Loray

Los Angeles based collective, FAKE & THE SOUL AESTHETIC will kill you. With shards of glorious glass and delightful showers of theater. The uniquely placed band is a 5 piece with front man FAKE crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. The electrifying energy comes across the digital divide and clings on to the saturated minds of listener, immediately and effectively. The live shows must be the place to see and witness, the colorful and dimensional offerings of this collective. ‘Tylre Loray’ keeps this direction on point, as FAKE and the gang just makes it really hard to turn away. The tight production is engorged with shine, and is worth every ear full of attention.

memory theater – Eyes Within Night

memory theater stated: “Influence our present and future lived realities, framing how we process and perpetually regurgitate/reconfigure our experiences through the projector screens of past feelings, thoughts, and dreams, which are always enmeshed with and distinguished according to race, gender, class, etc.” They state also that they are interested in making music that is ‘intrigued with how memory can be a harrowing and painful experience’. Personal destruction and patterns and trauma are part of the story that memory theater wants to dive into. The relationship between a form of a virtual stamp of memories gone wild, to extraction of such malignant parodies, ultimately are examined from head to toe, in order to be explained and categorized by our senses. And it’s that grayness – that emboldened disparity that the project is infatuated with. We are but animals with frail emotional constitutions. We’re the petrie dish of life.

Windy Isle – Lonely People

Swedish singer/songwriter Niclas Edhenholm is WINDY ISLE. “This song was just a single verse for a really long time,” stated Niclas. “When time came to record it, Niclas (Windy Isle) and Anton (producer) reached out to three of their favorite songwriters in the Stockholm indie scene – Paulina Palmgren (La Lusid), Tomas Hellberg (Tellus) and Mira Aasma (Italo Bitches) to ask if they each wanted to write a verse for the song and sing it. Luckily, they all said yes. And now here we are, very pleased to be able to present to the www, the definitive Swedish indie pop anthem of 2019.” Niclas continued: “[Lonely People] was written during a tumultuous time when I was undergoing great changes in my life. Throughout those months I was lucky to have a group of supporting friends who helped me stay the course, when at times I just wanted to give up or turn back to my old life”. Often we succumb to pressures of uneasiness, and loss of confidence in our individual entrepreneurship in craft. It’s always unfair that ‘quality’ comes with so little to ‘sustain’ and maybe ‘thrive’. But Niclas, persevered through those many times of disillusionment. And for that we’re all better for it, because ‘Lonely People’, with its Beatles-like airiness, casts a big smile onto the face of the listener. It marks Niclas’ own milestones and maybe it’ll mark others in their own journeys.


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