Former Spacehog Front-Man Royston Langdon Will Drop Debut Solo Album ‘Everything’s Dandy’ (May 4).

Under his alter-ego LEEDS, former Spacehog front-man Royston Langdon will drop his debut solo album ‘Everything’s Dandy’ on May 4th. The album is a culmination of his experiences in the city that never sleeps (fyi, NYC).

“I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere on the planet,” says Langdon of NYC. “I feel like I’m part of the city in a way.”

“This work is a reflection of the re-gentrification of places and the real and meaningful memories they leave in their wake. How our own growth, over time, leaves us with a shifted perspective on ourselves. The once familiar now gone, never to come back except through the ghosts of lovers, places, objects.”

In 1994, right after his move to New York City, he fell in love with gotham. In the fall of 1995, Spacehog released their debut album ‘Resident Alien’ which included the hit ‘In The Meantime’.

“They put up these new shops,” says Langdon of the urban landscape of New York. “Still, the memory of the kind of experience of that thing remains.” He sees a connection between waves of gentrification diminishing the city’s creative spirit and his “experience of loss and also growth.” In his songs, Langdon writes of this not necessarily with nostalgia in mind, but with a sense of “awe” at how life moves forward.

‘Everything’s Dandy’ started two years ago, and through the 10 songs within it, we feel, Langdon will successfully guide you through ‘his’ city.


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