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Foulard – Pleasure Pleasure

‘Pleasure Pleasure’ is the first release by the duo project Foulard who are set to release their EP ‘Chic’ on October 24th. Foulard is a new music project born from the coming together of two bands, The Quincey and Dumbo Gets Mad. The Paris-Milan outfit is a fresh new music project, born in 2017 after they put their hands on the original and legendary studio equipment from RCA Italiana, and started producing music. Indeed. Fresh like creme-fresh; effervescent as Fanta and delectably outrageous in their talent and sensibilities. The ‘pleasure’ is all on our ears, as we listen to ‘Pleasure Pleasure’, and melt away like a snow cone on the hot summer afternoon in downtown French Riviera. Bring your sun tan oil, dang it.

Jotsey – Colours

“I started making music in 2015 with a pop-punk band but wanted to create music for myself – merging interesting electronic pop sounds with a guitar based soul,” said Jotsey. “Various artists inspired me in taking this different approach to creating music – such as Jon Bellion, who’s one of my favourite artists, James Bay, Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran and Lauv.” It’s been a long road for Jotsey’s professional music career. Days and nights, thinking and re-thinking beats and notes that hadn’t been tested for the public. But he persevered with the personal gumption that he was on the right track. The track that he’d been dreaming of for so very long. ‘Colours’ is that vibe and trepidations, culminating in a pin-pointed statement. Delivered in a beautifully new and vibrant vocals of Jotsey, the slight hesitations in accents, cast a whole different world of fabulous hymns and musical annotations. The 22 year old from Manchester UK started making music in 2015, and has said that ‘Colours’ is his first ‘proper music’ released for the masses. We think Jotsey has arrive – proper. Distinct sounds are the keys to Jotsey’s mainframe, and it’s going to get better and even stronger.

CELIIN – Leonardo

Somewhere between romance and depression, where extreme emotions meet, you’ll find CELIIN´s vintage heart and modern spirit. CELIIN combines alternative pop music with dark melancholic plot-lines. Searching for the balance between beauty and macabre. Like a grandiose love letter, she serves up her loneliness on a gold (never silver) platter, forever waiting on Leonardo’s response. Intricate melodies cut across hard hitting drums and a carefully orchestrated arrangement to form a performance which is both raw and vulnerable. Leonardo’s character represents a complex, unattainable and unreciprocated longing for another human being. A self examination for the truth, and only but the truth, CELIIN’s emotional take on how to maintain a balance of granite spirit and accessible empathy, is a story that is told i ‘Leonardo’. A contemporary struggle of now and forever, a battle continues to ensue, with that victory of maturity and knowledge, just off of the edges of her heart. Charm offensive, indeed.

Danny Godwin – Halfway

Danny Godwin brings solace as that packaged present for you hole in that chest of yours. Said Danny: “‘Halfway’ is a pop song about loneliness, anxiety and laziness when it comes to connecting with another person. Not wanting to stray far from home and convening “halfway” is a daily occurrence amongst our generation. It contains airy vocals, a groovy baseline, piano solo and hip hop drums to create a dreamy pop atmosphere.” There are times when nothing really can be done. The world isn’t a novel with fairy tale ending, all of the time. So, why would it end up that way for you? For us? For anyone else? Danny, in his own way, doesn’t agree. For the world is at the other side of the door, and it’s wonderful, scary, and even meaningful. But there’s got to be a time to at least explore that side of the dimension. How can you criticize without even having felt the sweet and sour of the environment in which we live? Danny would like all of us to do just that. It’s time. And it’s time to listen to Danny Godwin.

TGC – Echo

TGC (The Green Children) are Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan, a Norwegian/English duo who write and self produce ethereal music inspired by life, nature and daydreaming. Their impeccable production has been lauded, and has been very popular with their fans. They are the perfect combination of musical talent, used for the greater good. Get to know them more. Never ending white storms of billowing alt-pop goodness comes from the duo. Vocals shine with beautiful signatures, undulating and inviting. ‘Echo’ is a part of an A/B Side released Nov 8th, all offered from the upcoming 3rd album.


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