Fowl Science ‘The Flowering Eye’ : Delivers in the best kept secrets of you and your inner most.

Fowl Science

Toronto, Ontario based Fowl Science shimmers across the eternal landscape with ‘The Flowering Eye’. The colors and tones dangle with massive appeal with this shoegaze inspired decadence in sight and sound. The protruding call to that which is – delivers in the best kept secrets of you and your inner most.

“The vibe is uplifting, yearning and mellow,” said Fowl Science. “I’ve been working as a producer for other artists for about 10 years, but this is my first official solo release, and the debut under this artist name.”

The project starts with a beautifying gallop, stunning and vibin’. The resistance to the whims of the universe, give the strength to survive, in ample allure. The galactic ambience, will show you the way.

More singles from Fowl Science will be released over the next few months.


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