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Foxanne – So Excited

It’s the taunting but positive quality of FOXANNE that is stamped in most of her singles. And even in ‘So Excited’, a tune that has some ‘holiday’ notes sprinkled here and there (or are we just in that kind of mood?) fascinates with her style of reckoning and sarcasm. In this single, that is amplified and much to our surprise, very much hooky. You start to cheer on the protagonist. Go figure. In any case, ultimately, ‘So Exited’ is a call to arms for your inner beauty that hides sometimes in that corner, looking at the wall. Let’s all embrace our uniqueness. Word.

Phil Vine – Heaven

PHIL VINE is a fabulous way for all of us to take a deep sigh of relief from this hectic life that we lead. With a single like ‘Heaven’ it’s the return of our innocence and re-activation of our new outlook on the horizon in front of us. The enthusiasm for the little things in life begin to re-bloom and re-calibrate. The soaring vocals of Phil, takes us to a ‘heavenly’ level of euphoria. It’s just the start for the songwriter, and looking towards far more to come.

Bridesmen – Someone Who Loves Me

BRIDESMEN is headed by the super talented Kenton Chen. The r&b singer/songwriter has every part of the traditional soul breaching talent that’s needed to communicate the multiple layers of emotions in a single. ‘Someone Who Loves Me’ is the tip of the iceberg for the uninitiated about Kenton. The depth of gravity and expression is immediately distinguishable and effortlessly blinds you to anything that is of extraordinary. At that moment, only the music matters, and it’s just gorgeous to listen to. The artful and simple music video, identifies the naked truth about what we need from a speculative art of love and being loved. Simple ask. Hard to acquire. But we all can dream, and sing the best of Kenton’s beautiful performances. Effortless ease, effortless ways of connecting – Kenton simply should be a super-star.


They do. They all do suck. Well, when we’re down, it’s easy to feel that way. It’s not hard to assume that we all have felt that way, here and there. And Philadelphia born, but Los Angeles based artist, CAPPA (Carla Cappa) wants us to recognize that and own it. We all can pretend that people don’t frustrate them, but being frustrated is built into this system of human-nature. But the good news? We have songstresses like CAPPA to make us feel better. And yes, it WILL be better, and that it WILL be quite amusing when your ex comes back and tries to re-connect. Anywho, CAPPA’s playful and dashing vocal extrapolations are what you need when you need a good friend by your side. And who doesn’t need a good friend, right?

Aaron Taos – Control

What does a connection between a single and music video tell you about an artist. What tells us about AARON TAOS is that (1)he’s a visionary, (2)he’s a rebel and (3)he’s got more talent than possible. In the music video of captivating visuals, there doesn’t seem to be any direct correlation to the audio to the visual. But dig a bit deeper, and the single off of his ‘Birthday Boy’, the point of escaping to an alien world, just to break the monotony of the day-to-day is clear. The humorous but salient atoll of the brain, dignifies our need for normalcy with the often times, vexing and annoying irrelevance of where we should be headed. We’re just sometimes on a hamster wheel, for just the good of turning a wheel. “‘Control’ is about the monotony and malaise of daily life in the suburbs,” stated Aaron. “It’s about going through the motions day to day and falling in a pattern where you lose some agency… a “Truman Show” type situation.” Let’s become a bit different. Let’s just let it all go for a moment. Enjoy that cigarette.


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