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Foxglove – Thirsty Boys

NYC’s own FOXGLOVE (Jessica Hamilton) shines in ‘Thirsty Boys’. With enveloping guitar licks framing this very much pop entree, mixes elements of modern pop with tinge of freestyle set in the background. The retro feeling, but definitely all 2019, Jessica has set for herself a course for where she’d like to be. ‘Thirsty Boys’ is an enamored march down sentimentality for how society is, and where you stand in that world. But in the meantime, FOXGLOVE takes the contrasts of life, and makes it a bit more glamorous.

Rachel Navarro – Social Suicide

“What’s going on here?” is the reaction we had. RACHEL NAVARRO is from the Bronx NYC, who studied theatre, who wrote poems and now, sings them to her delight for her audience. And as she puts it, she has “8 siblings, 2 rabbits, 2 dogs” and countless voices in her head. Is that a good thing? YES. Why? Because we get this weird and serious commentary of a single about a part of our current culture and relationship with our biological brethrens via technology. The distinct uniqueness is in Rachel’s humor and attitude, clearly felt through the video and song. Interesting stuff, wouldn’t you say?

Jayden – This Time

A collaboration with American singer, Celine Farach, there’s undeniable effervescence from ‘This Time’. The anthemic single of hope and promise, the turn of the chapter, will garner the rewards you’re due, and shine upon the folks who will love you. And the message is delivered in a classic pop EDM style of optimism and radiance. The airy aesthetics is a welcome respite to any emotional time of the day. JAYDEN is that panda of your dreams. Let him guide you to that dream world.

LeTrainiump – Go!

We first gotten to know LeTrainiump (Tray Richard) through their single ‘Think.’ And as it was with ‘Think.’, ‘Go!’ is that trip back to the golden days of r&b/pop days of old. Tray is perfection when his singles play. It’s one of those experiences where if you don’t dance, then you might as well be dead. The ultra talented producer makes the clouds part, as the sun shines down to make any part of your day brighter and just a bit happier. ‘Think.’ was a fave of ours; ‘Go!’ continues that trend. 80’s synth, 90’s pop, and dripping in nostalgic fabulousness – that’s what LeTrainiump brings to the table. So, we dance on that table like crazy – again.

Holy Mattress Money ft. Evann McIntosh – Pace Myself

As interesting goes, HOLY MATTRESS MONEY is a project of producer Jesty, who doesn’t put flags into specific genres of pop. It is about the music and where it takes his audience. The journey is the premise of it all, and in his latest collaboration with singer/songwriter Evann McIntosh, ‘Pace Myself’ is that hot morning shower, after a long and arduous day in the life. A life that has seen much in lows, and in anticipation, you calm your nerves and reflect in that soothing pause from the world. As the water steams out your worries, you become re-energized to tackle the world once more. ‘Pace Myself’ is beautifully sung by Evann, who wrote the lyrics when she was 13, and evokes all of the pain, anguish, frustration, and self-reflection that we hear in this single. This Cleveland based project has much momentum, not only in streams, but in its underlying philosophy. Seems like it’s just the beginning.

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