FRAGIL ‘The Way That You Love Me’ : Will sooth in that most unconventional, but conventionally charming way.


Back in the day we played and recorded with a drum-computer instead of a drummer in a very DIY Lo-fi Fashion,” said FRAGIL. “‘The Way That You Love Me’ is the seventh song on our self-titled debut-record from the 2014 which we just released a remastered Version of on all the Streaming platt forms and on Bandcamp.”

Camillo, Felix, Matthes and Piet make up this eclectic purpose in sound named FRAGIL. Their 2014 album takes you on a journey that is cranky, jerky, poetic and resounding. A demonstration of the odd and off the beaten path, it ultimately makes sense as you take that walk down this German critique of the world that the four surround.

In the best traditions of ideas and emotional consumption, the songs FRAGIL delivers is purified and emulsified, into a frothy and gentle abrasion of craft and work.

Dip your finger into its glaze, and you’ll find that the album will sooth in that most unconventional, but conventionally charming way.

Have a look again at FRAGIL. And maybe you’ll listen to their 2020 album ‘Hallo Ich’, as well.

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