Fragile Animals ‘Only Until It’s Over’ : Lucious beam of light, down grade your angsts.

Fragile Animals

Lucious beam of light, down grade your angsts, as Victoria’s brilliantly nostalgic power of voice, seduces with whims of thought and feelings. The peaks of the perfectly formed instrumental ambience, quell your heart with pins of fulfillment and satisfaction.

“This song was written a little differently for us. Normally the music is pretty established before I start bringing in vocal ideas but for this one, I came up with the chorus vocal before we actually had the music for it. I think I’d heard Daniel working on the music of the verse and I just dived in and got a bit carried away.”

“Lyrically the song is about that something, and you can’t always put your finger on what it is, that keeps you going while everything feels like it’s working against you.”

Victoria Jenkins (Vocal/Bass), Kyle Shipton (Drums/B.V) and Daniel Parkinson (Guitar/B.V), together offers this ooey frantic galaxy of sounds in ‘Only Until It’s Over’. A preferred way of communication, in a world that is further away from committing revelry, the trio delights our listening habits with bitter-sweet tangs of indie-rock goodness.

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