Fragile Animals ‘Only Until It’s Over’ : Continue to set new blazes of incinerations.

Fragile Animals / Photo: Jeff Andersen Jnr.

Victoria Jenkins (Vocal/Bass), Kyle Shipton (Drums/B.V) and Daniel Parkinson (Guitar/B.V), together offers this ooey frantic galaxy of sounds in ‘Only Until It’s Over’. A preferred way of communication, in a world that is further away from committing revelry, the trio delights our listening habits with bitter-sweet tangs of indie-rock goodness.

Lusious beam of light, down grade your angsts, as Victoria’s brilliantly nostalgic power of voice, seduces with whims of thought and feelings. The peaks of the perfectly formed instrumental ambience, quell your heart with pins of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Their 2017 debut EP ‘Light That Fades’ was met with a great joy. While their sophomore EP ‘Only Shallow//Only More’ was the graduation with flying colors every band looks to strike upon. Songs from both releases found open ears and airplay at Triple J, becoming an Unearthed Feature Artist and winning a place on the line-up to their local Triple J presented Big Pineapple Music Festival.

Now, with compilations and singles, strewn in medals of admiration through the seasons, Fragile Animals continue to set new blazes of incinerations. The fire that begets with ultimate salutary assumptions, envelope with profound indie flavors.


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