Fragile Creatures ‘Big Red Button’ : It’s a message we all should take, to heart, then don’t forget to smile.

Fragile Creatures

Third single from their upcoming second album, ‘Punk Yacht’ (April 2020), the band wants to protest our conclusions from the notoriety of our current political climate. A universal upsurge of despotism and potential ruin to the societal norms, Fragile Creatures wanted to let us know that they are worried sick.

But more importantly, they wanted to let us know that not ALL will be lost.

“This song was written to be cathartic in a dark time for me, it’s a song the band love playing and has been a live favourite at shows for a while – I hope people have fun with it and don’t focus too much on the doom and gloom, it is meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek!”

The timing of the release is deliberate, as from the offset 2020 feels like its on a knife edge and someone is about to press that big red button. You can see these traits in a US president who orders an assassination in the midst of impeachment, or an Australian government who all but outlaw climate protest as their country burns. Britain is also labelling climate change campaigners as extremists lately, whilst spouting endless lies to prop up the expensive self-immolation that is Brexit. It is a personal song that feels deeply political in the context of current affairs.

It’s a message we all should take, to heart, then don’t forget to smile.

We all can make it.


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