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Fran Minney // Alex McArtor // Sunny from the Moon // Crushed Fruit // shi offline

Fran Minney – Footprints

She is here. Waiting. Beckoning. Consoling. Riveted by the accidents of this life, Fran Minney calls out with open arms, in sullen confusion for why casual hurting, must exist. ‘Footprints’ is a mark of a soul for whom the future is right there to grasp. But like the bright yellow sun, pinched between your extended thumb and index finger, the galaxy never seemed so far from where you stand. So close, but yet so very far. Glittery ambitions shimmer down Fran’s full and engaged expressions of guilt and regret, while the positivity of what’s to come, lingers by the sidelines, ready to be substituted, at any time. It’s a story of our many lives, no? ‘Footprints’ is a part of her latest EP ‘Taking Shape’ a 4 track list of suppositions, ready for absorption. See Fran next @ Headrow House, Leeds UK, on October 24th.

Alex McArtor – Heart Talk

Uber talented and beautifully exemplified soul of Alex McArtor delivers another emotive and gaining extrapolation for a glimpse of this existence. Mixing rock at the core, the alt-pop songstress continues her rising exercise to stardom. We’d been acquainted with Alex about 8 months ago, and we’d been fabulously blown away with her single ‘Are You Alone’. We’d stated then: “What can we say about her that is haunting our brains at the moment. She’s got that thing. You know. That ‘X’ thing. The curvaceous nuances of her musings within her songs, just makes us feel like we’ve found ‘something’.” We continued: “The righteous promulgations reveal themselves, as Alex’s death defying lyrics, scorch the hearts of a previous Georgian march to the sea. The death of what’s conventional, just ceases to exist, in her enigmatic singing. And in place of where that decadent scheme stood, Alex stands with heaving rapture and ingloriously beautiful expressions of the good, the bad, and the irrefutable ecstasy.” In ‘Heart Talk’, she continues on that path of revealing more and more of herself, starting with the decadent vocals (familiar but dangerously captivating) and then to her methods of lyrical writing. She stated about ‘Heart Talk’ that it: “is the most important song to me on this EP (‘Heat Talk Vol 1’) as it spawned a full album’s worth of material…I vividly remember writing it in the dead of winter while I was at boarding school in New Hampshire…I had taken a little break from writing songs that fall while away at school and that moment just made me realize how much I need it in my life. It’s the best way I can un-bottle and release emotions I have.”

Sunny from the Moon – Miracle

Ever positive. Ever the biggest cheerleader for you, us, humanity – the gang at Sunny From The Moon, continues to deliver the upbeat vibrance that helps you get going on that full scheduled life. “Do you believe in miracles? Not necessarily in rainbow castles, princesses and unicorns or unexpected success, but in those teeny-tiny things that simply make you happy. Like a smile from a stranger in the subway, rays of sun waking you up early morning or just a change of seasons. I do believe. I really need a miracle in every little part of this world around me. And every time when I’m feeling sad and all blue I’m trying to find something cheerful and magical in simple things around me. That’s what our new song is about. I hope it’s gonna find some place in your hearts.” Duo producer of Alexandra and Irakly are the hearts behind this single and the philosophy behind Sunny From The Moon. Mixing pop, electro, and EDM flavors, SFTM is always a go-to solution for your temporary blues. As Alexandra’s infectious smile and exuberant shimmer, lingers on in your psyche, you can’t help but get happier. The Russia based outfit is dynamic, creative and worldly. Vibrant and bubbly, and just a feel-good kind of band. A core strand through the works of the band.

Crushed Fruit – Without You

Los Angeles based pop singer/songwriter and producer Crushed Fruit, is just fabulous on ‘Without You’. Off of his debut 5 song EP ‘Vapoursoul’, this single is overwhelming in its simplicity to extricate from the complexities of emotions yet resonated. “‘Without You’ is my take on an 80’s synth pop ballad,” said CF. “I wrote this song for my partner; it’s about reflecting on how much we’ve been through and reminding them that I’m going to stay by their side. The repetition and vocal layers, especially at the end of the track, are my way of asking them never to forget.” A love song for the love that exists. A love ballad for the hope for a bright and continuing future. And just like for most of us, the tinge of uncertainty is mixed deliciously with the optimism of forging forward, is lined beautifully in this pop offering. CF’s fantastic vocals, draw lines of limitations that we all possess, then successfully (and endearingly) deliver the feelings of how we will all get through it all. We must, right? Get used to Crushed Fruit. His EP is out now.

shi offline – Krill

Take the best and electro-noisiest pieces of electropop icons The Knife and Fever Ray, and put a frontwoman behind the mic that vocally reminds us of a fusion between The Knife’s Karin Dreijer and Die Antwoord’s Yolandi. What would you get out of that? shi offline. The outfit is made up of Alisa Tsybina and producer Gordian Gleiß. You don’t wanna mess with this super talented duo from Hamburg… unless you really wanna. And deep inside you really, really do. You can say almost ‘desperately’ you desire the underlying grit of Alisa’s vocals, which is urging, beckoning, taunting, surrounding. The all encompassing festivals in sound, glances off your psyche like a silver bullet of sonic étranger. A virus that keeps on replicating in your head, ‘Krill’ is that itch that must be scratched; it is the passion that must explode; the rumor of death, reborn. After renaming their band (formerly: The Other Shi), they continued their electropop project and the focus on intense live show exhibitions. After signing to Audiolith Records the duo released their 14 song debut album ‘Golaya’. See them next @ Kulturzentrum E-Werk, Erlangen, Germany on October 31st.


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