Frances Claire ‘Where am I Going’ : “If I’m honest, I’m angry… I can’t seem to find…”

Frances Claire

Frances Claire’s ‘Where am I Going’ is captivating. The 20 year old from Nashville, studies music business in Boston by day, and helps her listeners cling to her every word of honesty and decadence, through her songs.

Frances’ lyricism is glorious.

‘Where am I going’ is introspectively comforting, as the hurtful self examination, courses through the vein of the existence that clutters a mind, a soul, a tablet of resolute affection. With beauty of vocals, Frances brings rock n’ roll grit to a melodic trance in a poetic understatement.

Life and the edge of living. A woman in the journey to the stars, looking ever so far the cliff edge grip in the hopes of retaining and thriving along the way.

“It was recorded in a live style, no click, guitar and voice recorded at the same time. I wrote it in a fit of confusion, I felt out of my body and did not feel I had direction. It ids off fo my debut album being released May 2, a collection of songs from the heart I have been collecting and now am setting free.”

‘Call Tomorrow’ is Frances’ newest album. It’s a gorgeous collection of thoughts that we can all acclaim.

Look out for more from Frances.


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