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Frank Hammersland Shares ‘On The Radio’. “Bright spot in your life, when ALL was possible.”

Love is what love it. Do you remember collecting songs for the girl you fancied? Do you remember the songs that marked certain special places with that someone special? Riding a wave of enthusiasm, with everything looking brighter and looking positive, you promise the impossibilities to her, and she nods with acceptance and a deep gaze for who you are.

Falling in love starts like that.

FRANK HAMMERSLAND’s single ‘On The Radio’ is that bright spot in your life, when ALL was possible.

The Norwegian Grammy Award winner delivers with poignant stories, and with beautiful harmonies and soul-crushing chorus, ‘On The Radio’ is a kind and gentle ride for the time of your life. A time when there was not challenges, and your best teammate – a person who understands you – was committed by your side.

It’s a love that we all want. Seemingly forever.

What a feeling.

Frank’s new upcoming full album ‘Atlantis’ drops this October.



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