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FRANKE // Paco Versailles // Nyer Lemon // Alex Preston // Ariane

FRANKE – down for no reason

The artist named FRANKE is a versatile talent. Expert in pop, and whether driving the subject further with synth at the helm or his guitar, the sum profit of the songs are succulent and memorably shimmering. In ‘Down For No Reason’ the artist again delights in presenting something new and valiant, as his focus dives deeper into the ultra-saccharine part of his schematics.
Said FRANKE: “This song is about when you’re just trying to enjoy your life with your girl but all your friends keep talking shit!” Simple premise, but taken to a higher level of presentation with the way FRANKE does. he started playing classical piano at 8. Played Carnegie Hall twice. Pursued jazz, and wrote a 10 song album by 15. Look out for FRANKE in 2020. A nationwide tour is to be announced.

Paco Versailles – Unwind

PACO VERSAILLES keeps it on the balance, with ‘Unwind’. Nu-disco, encases indie-rock vibes, over and under the bridge of dance and all that is holy. Holy-cow, that is. The summer burned skin of your dreams drench over the beach goddess you’d been fantasizing. Be a gentleman. Be calm. Show her your collected-self. Remember, the summer has just begun. She’ll be waiting. Rhythmic, Spanish guitar jazz prone chords, keeps the energy going in ‘Unwind’. It’s the vacation that we all deserve to be on. Right now. Again. And again. That’s what PACO VERSAILLES does.

Nyer Lemon – Let’s Get Down

“Hi! My name is Nyer Lemon. I’m a French DJ/Producer who draws his influences from artists like Daft Punk, Arno Cost, Mark Knight, Carl Cox. I’ve always been attracted to music and what I’m looking for through my songs is to share good vibes and groove.” And as fresh feeling as that introduction from this happy guy from France, his single ‘Let’s Get Down’ is as much. The vocal pop loops, the 90’s r&b/dance verses, to the Friday-Night party effervescence, keeps us intrigues to see ourselves dancing and having a great time. You can’t help it.

Alex Preston – Electricity

Sydney, Australia based ALEX PRESTON throws us the good stuff with ‘Electricity’. You know. That indescribable, contextually mysterious vibe of excitement and urgency?? A room buzzes with it when all is right. It brightens up a dance floor when it clicks. And when Alex steps up to offer his taste in pulsating beats and funky vibes, we all can listen. “I wanted to make a new style of house music that I could play live for people. I want it to have balance between live, sometimes improvised guitar, bass & percussion; and pumping dance-floor house.” Done and done.

Ariane – American Movie

“Born and raised in Paris France in a Franco-American setting, I was always curious about my less apparent American roots. The song idea came from my childhood; growing up and living the American lifestyle vicariously through television. The boy with the ‘slicked back hair leather jacket’ is my James Dean dream boy and I’m his Audrey wearing Tiffany’s at breakfast!” Reminiscing about the goodness of the past, is a learning framework for the future of all within. ARIANE, the artist with that certain something in her vocals, keeps it light and nostalgic in her song of admiration and maybe what’s in store for her own future. In real life, bumps are the norm. Let’s hope we all can get there like Audrey Hepburn always could.


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