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Frankie Knight Shares ‘Tijuana’. “A song of possibilities and dreams.”

‘Tijuana’ is the latest single from FRANKIE KNIGHT. It is included in the upcoming debut album, which is set to be released later this year.

Synthetic, but never apart from the basics of emotions, ‘Tijuana’ is a song of ‘unity’.

Frankie stated: “There is a physical border fence that divides the beach in (the city of) Tijuana. But the sea birds freely move between and waves break either side indiscriminately”, says Knight. “In this song I explore the sentiment that people feel when they look at The Blue Marble image. We are all on one small beautiful planet in a vast universe and so the idea nationalism becomes redundant – borders are pointless. I was inspired by my grandfather, Anthony Meyer, an MP who fought and was wounded in the second world war. I was inspired by his ability to make friends all over the world and the value he placed in travelling and listening and sharing other stories. He taught me the importance of unity to keep peace.”

The understated and calming single of electronic pop origins, the song captures that dreamlike valiance, of consciousness and rhythms, that folds into our every day.

Self-produced by Frankie and her friend, Rob Swaine, the material of soundscapes affectionately delivers in the language of ‘pangs’ and ‘urgencies’. The ridiculousness and the somber, are tuned into a majesty of positivity and possibilities, with ‘humanity’ at the core of it all.

Frankie ultimately believes in history and the inspirations that individual beings can have on others.

Frankie believes in the ‘unity’ of one to another, whether in physical or virtual form, to thrust upon ideas for change and greatness.

Frankie believes in what humanity has achieved, in the wake of this cruel Universe – succeeding, and doing things for the betterment of all mankind.

Elegance and posterity are couple of the mainstays of ‘Tijuana’, and it comes up ‘aces’ to the n’th degree.

Charmed. For sure.



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