Franko Elvis ‘I Worry All The Time’ (ft. Patti Creamer) : It’s just the contrast that brings praise, as it should.

Franko Elvis

The lyrics of Franko Elvis’ single ‘I Worry All The Time’ is exquisitely viable and lingers in a charming dividend in feelz. It’s warm, consuming, relatable, empathetic, self-perpetuating, but never demeaning.

The soul of the song delivers as it’s advertised in the beginning of the offer. And as Franko’s accepting vocals cross paths with Patti Creamer’s high soaring angelics, there is a beautiful shimmer that lights a glorious path.

Said Franko: “‘I Worry All The Time’ is not a political song, but a song that reflects on the weight we feel directly as a result of contextualizing our personal struggles within current political and social structures. This context supercharges our anxieties which then lodge themselves in our minds, unable to escape on their own.”

It’ about the “power of connection” and the “understanding of change” that Franko wanted highlight. The pallet of desires with limiting edges, educate in subtleties and blinding vision.

It’s just the contrast that brings praise, as it should.


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