Franko Elvis ‘Miserable (Don’t Think Just Drink)’ : Irrevocably irreverential.

Franko Elvis

Franko Elvis takes things in stride. The project, and of the man, there’s nothing that misses his glances for living. His songs are irrevocably irreverential, as they climb on top of your back like a monkey, then it soothes you into a lull of compassion and empathy. The contrasting subtlety and boisterous underpinnings, invoke and proselytize with ample sonic eloquence.

‘Miserable (Don’t Think Just Drink)’ is one those fab catalysts.

Frank said the song is “about dying love before it’s dead–a song about the end of the world before it’s ended. We take in the beginning only when the end is knocking on the door, impossible to ignore.”

See?? He’s deep. But in his fashionable, cult like vibes, brings a resonance in a song that just ‘sticks’.

Franko wants to make music cloaked in a translucent crystal-studded veil, music that can play in a car full of people you don’t really know, music you could cry to alone on your daily commute home.

The journey of profound opportunities continue.

For ‘Miserable (Don’t Think Just Drink)’, he’s joined by Patti Creamer ( @creamqueen420 ).


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