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Frass Green // Brandon Hoogenboom // Youth Basketball // Venus Furs // Mike Evin

Frass Green – Met You!

Rambling, jangling, and just pleasantly beautiful, FRASS GREEN, drills down to the basics of emotions, that keep on kicking your butt, from breakfast to evening cocktails. Built from the solo lo-fi project of Joe Antoshak, it first was a collection of starting in 2017, in Aberdeen Maryland. Fast forward, after a move to Washington D.C, he’d quickly generated a second EP named ‘Alright’. And then in a deliberate sweep, a full band soon was developed around this curious procession of musical philosophies. Now, with the addition of Tyler Rippel (bass, keys, vocals), Antonio Peluso (drums) and Matt Lachance (lead guitar, violin, vocals), the charismatic quartet sites emotions then belts out dream-pop subtleties. ‘Met You!’ is the first full band effort and single. And feels like it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

Brandon Hoogenboom – When You Know

Los Angeles based BRANDON HOOGENBOOM make it his proper responsibility entitle our sensibilities with his brand of sweeping vocals and accompanying lyrics. The harmonies of love – a ballad for the girl you love, and the reminders of connections you’d not had since – revel, and cascade throughout your mind. From the first note to the last, the serenade of consequences make ‘When You Know’ the silent cry for help – a cry for her – in your heart, of hearts, seem okay to deal. Seek and you’ll find again.

Youth Basketball – Be Friends

“You got to let it go.” Well, the notion that you can be friends with YOUTH BASKETBALL. For friendship is overrated when there’s love at stake. Coming out and saying straight to what is deep within the heart, is a hard thing to do. Had you felt about a person like this before? As your heart beats 1000 times a minute, you blush with extensive dreams of ecstasy. So, come on, let that notion go. For it’s time to set your deceiving heart, a flutter. She’s already helped you forget her. Let’s all move on. Enjoy this delectable piece from YOUTH BASKETBALL. Flavor-tastic.

Venus Furs – Chaos and Confusion

Montreal based alt-rock band VENUS FURS keeps it real and honest in ‘Chaos And Confusion’. You see, this project by Paul Kasner, is the 2nd single from the band and it blares ‘honesty’ from the get-go, with alt-country chords setting the scene to which the shimmering vocals of Paul, indirectly consumes your inner desires. Spitting it out into the ether, the constance and the continuation of the lyrical focus, beats and beats and beats your pre-determined inklings. The somewhat independent lead guitar’s notes, pull and prod, as the snows from the upcoming storm, wrangle you in a binary ultimatum. Let this single linger in your mind, as it will absorb and entice, sweetly and forevermore. See them on their Canadian tour now.

Mike Evin – Recovering Romantic

“I fell in love, without any help.” The beautiful lyrical work of MIKE EVIN in ‘Recovering Romanic’ is a deliverance of the highest order. The fantastically pop, mixes with the decadent resistance to emote against a disease that we harbor so deeply within each of us. The reflection of why Mike keeps on making music, is part of this delectable explanation (and an homage) to a passion. And it’s that ‘passion’ for the new, or at least the lingering feeling of ‘newness’ that Mike wants to explore and keep embedded in his craft. There’s no staying afloat in one place. There’s always one way to go for Mike, and it’s to move – moving towards that sum of emotions, a totality in aura, and the fullness to bring joy in through his Universe.


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