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Freda James // SVNAH // Bears With Shades // CUTTS // Sam Setton

Freda James – A Woman Alone

Freda James’ ‘A Woman Alone’ is the title track of her EP. As you can hear and vibe, her vocals are as decadent as you’d want to be caressed. “These are songs that I wrote from my experiences searching for love outside of myself, without knowing that self-love was the thing I needed most,” Freda stated. “I was living in Brooklyn on unstable ground for so much of my early career, and it was a process to figure out how to love myself. This EP is the diary of that.” Lean years and layered cakes of frustrations, are the dues, that so many talk about. Sometimes, it’s just too much to take though. But for some, cry out for themselves to be even more resilient. What doesn’t kill you, will become you – a newer and better insight of you. Freda in this r&b tinge single sings with that floral resilience. That empowerment to move forward.

SVNAH – Dream

Off of her dynamic debut album ‘To You by Tomorrow’ (out now), SVNAH’s single ‘Dream’ is a dreamy serpentine riddle of a love song, built within the realms of a fanatical fantasy for love. Said SVNAH: “This song is about being somewhere between dreams and reality, which was inspired by my personality. It’s light yet groovy and is aimed to put you in a mood thats both chill and retrospective.” Savannah is the power behind the project SVNAH, and in it, her flow of inspiration is tactical, emotional, collected, and surging. Even from the understated vocals, the dreams of dream, deliciously bleed with ambitious perfection and danceable ambitions. This EDM framed electro-pop single garners all of what you need. Let’s dream further.

Bears With Shades – Smoke Room

BEARS WITH SHADES’ single ‘Smoke Room’ is an alt-rock offering that has parts with rap and r&b sensibilities. But those smaller rapping parts, in conjunction with the instrumentals, gives you that pop vibe. An alt-pop spectrum that is both exciting and fun to listen. The oddity is at the center of what the band is all about, but with that strong vision for what a song can transform into and out of. The psyched solo just sweetens the pot, no? Embrace it, we say.

CUTTS – Waiting

Peter Bonaventure and Lillian Cutts are CUTTS. We’d stated prior: “A song takes shape with all angles being covered…As Lillian’s most expressive vocals, caress the words she forms, we’re drawn to our own memories – of loves, of opportunities, of the way it could have been. The song ends. We then smile. Content.” Lillian’s vocals just makes people construct words and imaginations of beauty and grace. Just can’t be helped. As her singing reaches out for your hand, the song lifts you up with anthemic percussions and drizzling thrust of contentment. ‘Waiting’ is another one of those songs that brings out the best.

Sam Setton – Nice Kid

SAM SETTON is an NYC born and raised singer/songwriter. “‘Nice Kid’ is a song where I am letting a girl who passed on a relationship with me, that she missed out because I’m a catch. I wrote it in NYC less than a year ago alone in my apartment. It’s a feel good summer song!” And that tells you how Sam thinks. At least about relationships and approach for what it can mean. Pettiness and surface recalls are of the norm. After all, we’re a very visual species, right? But we think Sam and most of us think it should be a bit more. Sam shook it off and we all should too. Let’s get ‘er dun.


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