Freddie Dickson ‘Touch over distance’ : Beautiful incantation. Dilutes nothing in concentration of hope and wellness.

Freddie Dickson

“I wrote and recorded this song whilst in isolation,” said Freddie Dickson. “The song is about the feeling of responsibility during these difficult times and how the loss of human interaction can affect our relationships.”

Inquisitive and dynamic, Freddie’s lyrical brilliance and vocal dance, collapses at the feet of your heart, beckoning love in all of its loving gradients. A fascinating ponder, ‘Touch over distance’ takes a gander at the heart of the matter, and dilutes nothing in concentration of hope and wellness, that the poignant protagonist desires.

Freddie first arrived on the scene with his debut EP ‘Shut us Down’ (2013). A collection of sultry synth-pop, it met with critical acclaim he signed to Sony’s Columbia Records in 2014. After a string of singles and EP’s Freddie gradually became “lost in the major label machine”. With the demand for a more commercial pop sound and drifting further away from his original dark and atmospheric production, he cut ties just two years later.

In 2020, whilst in isolation, Freddie was inspired to write his latest single ‘Touch over Distance’. And with it, his calming valeure and satin undertones, come alive once more, to delight our senses, here to kingdom-come.

A work in progress, Freddie – just like all of us – puts his best foot forward in his music. All for the life that he deems blessed and for the future that he enduringly want to explore to its fullest – Freddie inspires.

‘Touch over distance’ is a beautiful incantation.


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